To evaluate by junior urologists the morphology of urinary stone using visual endoscopic recognition after expert teaching. Material From December 2017 to May 2018, surface and section stone pictures extracted from digital ureteroscopy had been submitted to description and recognition. Participants could take benefit from an expert coaching. Each stone was evaluated by a different coherence questionnaire (score 1-5).


Nine stones had been analyzed by 15 junior urologists. Mean score was initially 1.94/4 and then from 2.07 to 4.07/5 during the study. A perfect stone recognition and a matching etiological lithiasis research had been observed in 40.7% and 55.6% of cases respectively.


This first teaching experience of the urinary stone morphological endoscopic typing confirms the possibility to train urologists to gain this specific initial skill. Thereby, they could play a more important role in the etiological and diagnostic lithiasis research.